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Healthy Tip for Stress Free Living!

Getting Ahead of the Game! 
I LOVE to multitask! Time is golden to me and when possible, I try to get as much done at once. If my clothes are drying, I know that gives me exactly 55 minutes to run errands or get in a quick workout. If my car needs an oil change, I use that time to get my hair trimmed at a nearby salon, or catch up on some reading. Every second, minute, and hour counts and since I have more time than money, I invest it on accomplishing goals. The more I can accomplish, then the more time I can focus on what matters most. Being healthy is an essential component and the food we eat plays a critical role to the way we feel and how we function overall. In trying to format a schedule, I have found a useful routine that has saved me time and has made my life so much easier overall. 
One of the key habits I've formed is prepping all my meals for the week at once. Not only has this kept me on task with eating healthy and portion control, but I also don't stress about w…

Chasing Rainbows

From Ireland with Love <3 ChasingRainbows 
"Under the shelter of each other, people survive" (Gaelic Saying)
Phew! May Mental Health Month was eventful (to put it lightly) and kept me so busy I had little time to blog (sorry amigos). Before I knew it June arrived and I was hopping a plane to Ireland! Here are a few photos to see for yourself, as no words I write could fully describe it!

One of the highlights from my trip was hearing radio commercials about mental health, encouraging folks to seek help and not be embarrassed or ashamed. Awesome! Overall, Europe has a great mental health system and is the birthplace of the study on mental health. 

When visiting the beautiful Cliffs of Mohr, I was excited to see well placed signs with the national crisis hotline number reminding folks to call if they needed to talk to someone. Way to go Ireland! This gave me such hope for the work I do, because mental health is a serious global issue that affects us all regardless of age, race, g…