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A dream is a wish your heart makes.

Blog song (click on the link, because everythings better with music)---->: Don't Stop Believing by Journey
Thank you  for taking the time to visit. See, Believe, & Achieve has been a dream project in the making for many years now. The concept derived from the three basic words I learned as a teenager (see, believe, and achieve), that have inspired and helped me to reach many of my personal goals and the constant journey I seek each day to be a better person. The concept of this blog is to connect mental health how it relates to our overall health and life. The mind is a powerful organ that so many do not know enough about. Having a better knowledge about what's going on up there in that pretty head of yours can really change the way we view the world and enjoy life.

My work in suicide prevention these past eight years has given me a true appreciation for life. Each person I have met during this journey has made a permanent impact in my life and they have given to me more…