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Love & Marriage

Well, this is my first blog post as a married woman! Trust me, no one is as surprised as me. Growing up I was never that little girl who dreamed about her wedding day and finding prince charming. No, I was the little girl who dreamed of going to Miss America and working on Capitol Hill. Love? Who has time for that nonsense? The concept of marriage was like a beautiful song in a foreign language--you love the melody, but can't comprehend the lyrics.Besides, people have a tendency to change, regardless of how well meaning their intentions were, so why on Earth would anyone take a chance on something so risky?

It is often said that in order for any relationship to work, there is a substantial level of compromise and, "give and take." I often witnessed as two people met, dated, committed their undying love towards each other and then somewhere down the line, someone was expected to change--change the way they dressed, change their friends, change their career, change hair s…