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Remember This...

In this great big giant world, there will never be another you! The only thing that we have in common, is that we are all unique. No matter what anyone tries to take from you, they will never be you. No matter who thinks they know you, they would need to live ten million lifetimes to even begin unraveling what it means to be you. Regardless of others expectations, only you can create the outcome. No matter how many beauty magazines you see, there is not one person in those glossy pages who shines the way you do, loves the way you do, feels the way you do. For all the days that you grace this earth; the sun, moon, and all the stars in the sky will have shined much brighter, all because you were here. 
Keep Shinning on, Ane :) 

Active Minds National Conference- Changing the Conversation about Mental Health
This weekend I will be speaking on the University of Maryland campus during the national Active Minds conference. I am deeply honored by the invitation to share information about my work in mental health, especially as it relates to policy. We all play an active role in changing the way society views and talks about mental health and the key to ridding the stigma on mental illness starts by educating others, so what better place to host this event than on a college campus! Active Minds is an amazing non-profit, which focuses on mental health issues affecting college students. This organization is spearheaded by Allison Malmon, who lost her brother to suicide, while he was in school. After graduating from college she started this program geared specifically towards college students. She truly is an amazing advocate for mental health and has taken an active role on a personal issue, so that ot…

I Love the Broken Ones

Song by Dia Frampton "The Broken Ones"
I can't tell you how happy I am to find some time to post something after a brief hiatus. To ease back into things I wanted to leave a message of hope for anyone reading this post today. Today's blog was inspired by Dia Frampton's new song "The Broken Ones." This song pretty much sums up why I do what I do. As she says, "I can't help it, I love the broken ones." 
If you're reading this and times are hard, know that they will get better.  If you're reading this and feeling alone, know that every word in this blog is dedicated to you and although we do not know each other, we are not strangers, but merely friends who have not yet met. If you're reading this with a heart filled with grief and regret, remember that you are only human. Be kind to yourself, tomorrow is a new day. If you're reading this and feel as if your world is shattered in pieces, remember that time heals all wounds. It wi…