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Mentally Ill: The Disposable People of 2015

Today's post is inspired by President Obama's historical visit to a federal prison. As the first sitting President to ever to do so, it highlights a serious issue that often remains silenced behind stone walls. A high number of individuals incarcerated have a mental illness. 55% of male inmates and 73% of female inmates suffer from at least one form of mental illness. Due to the lack of access to mental health facilities and services, jails and prisons have now become the number one provider for mental health services. If someone is suffering from a heart attack, people would call 911 and would ask for an ambulance. However, if someone is suffering from a mental health crisis and/or threatening suicide, most people would dial 911 and ask for the police. 
Across the nation, law enforcement officials have become inundated in responding to crisis calls. Police offices trained to fight crime and protect their communities, are now taking on the role of therapist. This realization is…