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Do You Know the Warning Signs of Suicide? What You Learn Can Save A Life.

May Mental Health Month may be coming to a close, but the fight to end stigma and create awareness continues. You may not realize it, but we are in a race against time when it comes to mental health. The thought of what more needs to be done sometimes keeps me awake at night. I often wonder about that boy or girl who lies crying in their bed at night with hearts so broken they can't see past tomorrow. On average, 105 Americans lose their life to suicide each day, every 100 minutes a teenager takes their own life and with this so many hopes and dreams are lost. This does not have to happen, especially when research proves that proper professional treatment can help even those with the most severe forms of mental illness recover (Source:  National Empowerment Center). Mental illness is an illness and unlike so many other illnesses that are yet to find a cure, we know that with the right treatment and diagnosis people do not have to suffer in silence and recovery is possible.
With ev…

You Tweet. I Tweet. We All Tweet for @CBelieveAchieve

Just a note to let you all know that we are on Twitter and you can follow us at @CBelieveAchieve or just click on the follwing link Send us a tweet and help us continue the mission to raise awareness, end stigma, and save lives! What an exciting new world Twitter is. Wishing you all a fantastic day! Tweet Tweet, Ane :)

Getting Through the Loneliness, Together

With so much to learn about the brain and mental illness I love to fill up my "learning cup" whenever possible. I would like address the issue in my post below and also share a thought provoking article by Judith Shulevitz, regarding the work of Fromm-Reichmann and her essay "On Loneliness." You can find her article by clicking on the following link here: The Lethality of Loneliness By JUDITH SHULEVITZ

Getting Through the Loneliness, Together
Isolation and loneliness are a topic of personal interest, especially because of my work with youth and knowing that in some severe situations loneliness/isolation serve as a risk factor/warning sign for depression and suicidal ideation. While some may not fully understand what mental illness is, the feeling of loneliness and isolation are something each of us can relate to at one time or another. This "pain" is what many living with a mental illness experience daily and recent studies show the negative effects loneli…